Monday, August 4, 2008

All About Gerard

I'm home today, recuperating from the conference and totally energized to start working on my fourth book for Harlequin Blaze; I have a Sep 30th deadline, so working on this manuscript isn't just a good thing to do, it's like an imperative. The book will be released in Nov 09 as part of a mini-series with the following authors: Samantha Hunter, Tawny Weber, and Lisa Marie Jones. And since my story is a self-indulgent fantasy based loosely on Gerard Butler, I thought I would just dish about him today to sort of get me in the right frame of mind... This picture, above, must have been taken during his 300 days, as he's sporting the beard and the six-pack. Isn't he gorgeous?

And here he is, showing off his very big, um, sword. I can't imagine anyone more suited to a kilt than Gerry.

This picture, below, is one of my all-time favorites. He could be a cop or a bad boy in this pic, but he definitely looks commanding. Personally, I love his hair short.
Or long! Here he is when he filmed the television mini-series, Attila:
Here's a close-up. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him where he's completely clean-shaven. He always sports a little bit of scruff. I like his laugh lines.
And what's not to love about this picture, below?
Okay, now that I've had my Gerry-fix, I can sit down and begin writing. Have a Gerry-licous day, everyone! Um, just one more picture...
Alright, now I'm good!! Have a great day!


sami*stardust said...

i'm a gerry-holic, too, so thanks for the loveliness. just so you'll know, tho...that first pic is gerry's head, but not his body. it's a lovely pic, but photoshopped none the less. i can show ya the pic they took the "head" from if you are interested! thanks again for the loveliness! :)

Karen Foley said...

Oh, no!! Say it isn't so! Not his body??? Well, he could have a concave chest and chicken legs, and I'd still love him. But yes, sami, do send the original picture! I must see it!


PIslander said...

Sami is right.
That photo is well-known to be a photoshopped creation.

Have you seen the newest photos of Gerry in NY, wearing Ger-Wear, a worn-out t-shirt and baggy pants?

He is perfect, at least to look at. :^)

Karen Foley said...

Oh, wow...I feel so USED!! Lusting after a body I thought was my Gerry's and it wasn't! (Gerry, please forgive me!). Yes...I saw those yummy pic's of him in NY. Totally gorgeous!

Jordan Summers said...

It was great meeting you. I quite enjoyed the dinner. Thanks for welcoming me into the 'newbie' fold. :)

Karen Foley said...

Oh, Jordan, it was so much fun meeting you! And was YOU who made me feel so welcome!

Katie said...

yes, karen! best post ever! :)

sami*stardust said...

oh my!! i haven't blogged in such a long time that i didn't realize you had left me a comment to a previous blog of mine!! i need to get on the ball. i would LOVE to send you the original gerry picture, but am a computer idiot and have NO idea how to do it here! maybe i could give you my email address??