Friday, August 8, 2008

More Pics from San Francisco

I found my camera download cable, so can finally share some more pictures from San Francisco with you. On the last day of the conference, we ventured down to Fisherman's Wharf. It was surprisingly chilly, and there was a brisk wind. It actually felt like autumn.

Here are Jessica and Cathryn and myself at the entrance to the wharf:It was incredibly crowded, with all sorts of smells from the nearby food vendors and restaurants, but I stopped to admire this gorgeous fruit stand:The proprietor was a lot nicer than the guys who man the fruit stands at Haymarket in Boston! I've seen women get their hands slapped for handling the produce there. We meandered our way to the water where we could see Alcatraz in the distance. The day was hazy, so the pictures didn't come out very clear. The water in the bay was very rough and choppy, not unlike a washing machine. Alcatraz is that blurry lump in the background.

We saw the famous San Francisco sea lions. They're so glossy and sleek when they first come out of the water, but after lounging around on the docks, their fur dries to a reddish-brown color. They reminded me of truffles rolled in cocoa powder! Okay, maybe that's just me...I frequently have chocolate on my mind. Here are Jessica, Cathryn and Nina in front of the carousel.

We took a streetcar from the hotel to the wharf, but opted for a taxi for the return trip. We didn't want to completely miss the Golden Heart and RITA awards. Here's a picture of the ceremony when they announced Samantha Hunter's book, Untouched, as a RITA finalist! Yay, Sam!
And for my husband, the boat-guy, here is a picture of San Francisco bay:

This year, the west coast. Next year, the Capitol!!


jms said...

LOVE the pictures! Thank you for sharing them. San Francisco feels like it was ages ago already, and the photos were nice reminders of the great time we had. Thanks, too, for making the trip so much fun!

Samantha Hunter said...

Thanks for the tour, Karen -- I've really loved your mini-tours the best of all. :)