Saturday, September 20, 2008

NEIBA Booksigning

Harlequin invited me to do a booksigining of Overnight Sensation yesterday at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, as part of the New England Independent Booksellers Association trade show. So John and I took the train in, enjoyed walking through Copley Square, and browsed the convention for an hour or so before I actually sat down to sign books. Mind you, this convention is a huge event for booksellers. Every large publisher and small, local press is represented. Their tables groan beneath the weight of the books they hope to launch over the following year. The booksellers walk from table to table, scooping up free books and placing orders for their bookstores. John and I felt a little uncomfortable, since many of the publishers assumed we must be booksellers and sort of fawned over us. But even when I confessed I was just a lowly author, they were gracious, and I did score some advance copies of several coveted YA books for the girls, who thought it was very cool to have a book that looks exactly like the ones you find at Barnes and Noble, but with the words, "Advance Uncorrected Reader - Not for Sale" imprinted on the cover.

I had a great time doing the signings and am happy to say I was able to give away most of the books that Harlequin had for me to sign. Since the books were giveaways, there was no pressure and most people were happy to accept a signed copy from the author. I also really enjoyed meeting the Harlequin reps, Laurie and Carolyn, who were so friendly and fun to hang out with.

Have a great weekend!!


Meg said...

Hi Karen,
I too am a huge Pats fan, and today was a terrible afternoon for all the faithful. I got back home and dipped into the bag of books my mom had picked up at the Boston book show and snagged yours. I couldn't put overnight sensation down. WOW really really good. I don't always like short romances because it can be so unreal that they'd fall in love that fast, bed yes, love no. But your characters were great and I loved it from start to finish. I'm going to try to find a copy of Flyboy stat and definately await the next book eagerly. Thanks for making this rough loss day alot better for this Maine Pats fan.

Karen Foley said...

Meg, if you send me your snail mail address, I'll send you a signed copy of Flyboy! The cover alone is guaranteed to make you feel a little better. My email is

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you so much for the nice words about Overnight Sensation!

sami*stardust said...

i forgot to tell you....i bought one of your books the other day! :) i'm not a big romance reader, but since i "know" you i just HAD to have one of your books. haven't read it yet...i'm way behind on my reading, but i will!!!

Karen Foley said...

Sami! Thank you! What a nice thing to do; fingers crossed that you like it!