Friday, February 20, 2009

My Mid-Life Crisis

For the past nine years, I've driven an apple-green New Beetle. When I first bought it, my girls were three and six and fit perfectly into the back seats. I loved this car and said I would drive it into the ground, and then buy another one.

Well...I've definitely driven this baby into the ground, but I won't be purchasing another one. I'm actually very sad to be saying good-bye to my little green punch-buggy. I live in a tiny little town, and this car was instantly recognizable by just about everyone, especially the kids in town. But as much as I might want to buy another Beetle (a shiny red convertible would be my first choice), I have a mutiny on my hands. My girls say they absolutely refuse to be squashed into the back of another Beetle. Since my little one (now 12) is 5'9" tall, I guess I can't blame them too much.

So we spent the long weekend car shopping, and although my intention was to get a practical car, like a van or a smaller SUV, I spotted this car and had to have it:

Is it practical? Probably not. But the price was good and I told my husband that as far as mid-life crises go, I could do a lot worse. I have no interest in running off with a younger man, LOL! Or an older one, for that matter! And what better time to have a convertible than the beginning of Spring? And this car has the teenager Seal of Approval. They can both fit comfortably into the back seat, even with the top up.

So tomorrow we say good-bye to the punch-buggy and bring this car home. Have you ever had a car that you just hated to part with? Or bought a car that just made you want to drive around all day and night? Share your story, and I'll send out a B&N gift card to one randomly selected visitor.

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Stephanie said...

I love my little yellow bug! I so understand what you mean by never wanting to get rid of it. I have a feeling when I have kids I might have to get a bigger car. Until then I plan to enjoy every moment with my bug.

Are you loving your new convertible? It looks so nice.