Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Giveaway!

I went out today and bought myself a brand new, shiny, sleek laptop and I am so happy! I'd been putting it off for months, but it was something I really needed to do. My old laptop was getting, well, old. The "e" key was missing, it was very slow, and it didn't have enough memory for me to load the software required for my new printer/scanner. It would freeze up on me, or boot me off line, and there were more times than I care to remember when I nearly tossed out the nearest window.

So now I have a new laptop, and I find I'm inspired to begin working on my next manuscript, a story that will be part of a 2010 Harlequin Blaze summer anthology called Born on the Fourth of July...I guarantee it will be hot!

And now that I have a new laptop, I've also made a promise to myself to be better about updating my blog and keeping it current. More contests, more giveaways, and more fun. And since my third book, Able-Bodied, is on bookstores shelves right now, I'd love to give away two copies, accompanied by a box of luscious chocolate. Just drop me a note to be entered into the contest, and I'll choose a winner at the end of the week!


kim h said...

won book would love to win chocalate

greta on getting the laptop good luck with book sounds hot

housemouse88 said...

Would love to win both. Congrats on the laptop.

Katie said...

yay! i'm so glad that you're back to blogging! i can't wait to hear about how your writing process plays out during the new manuscript's conception!

ohhh- i could use a new (hot) book to read, i hope i win!

Karen Foley said...

You guys are the best...Kim, I think I already sent you a copy of Able-Bodied, but if you're interested in one of my back copies, please let me know and I'll send that out to you. Housemouse88 and Katie (so happy to see you here!!) I would love to send you both a copy of Able-Bodied! Drop me an email at with your snail-mail address, and I'll put these goodies in the mail to you today!! Thanks for stopping by!