Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let it Snow

It's been snowing more or less steadily since Friday night, but we've only received about six or seven inches of total accumulation. But the winds have been tremendous and I didn't think I'd be able to sleep last night with the windows rattling and the ice on the river creaking and breaking. We drove up to Derry yesterday afternoon and delivered a cooked ham to John's dad, and the road were very slick and icy. I was glad to get home.

John found a tractor/snowblower that he bought from a gentleman in Ipswich yesterday. He spent a couple of hours clearing the driveways, the sidewalks, and then the neighbors' driveways and was happy to get up this morning and do it all again.

Here is a picture of the river from my kitchen window. It's not completely frozen over, since the rain we had last week melted most of the ice, but you can see the slush beginning to form on the surface. If the temperatures remain this low, the surface will begin to freeze once more, especially where it backs up at the bridge.
We went to breakfast yesterday at the Fish Tale diner, and the water was higher than I've ever seen it in Newburyport harbor. We saw two men paddle a canoe under the Rte 1 bridge toward the ocean, with no life preservers, maneuvering their way through the ice floes. There's stupid and then there's stupid. If that canoe overturned, they'd never make it to shore before they'd succumb to the frigid waters.

We're off to a surprise birthday party today for the husband of a friend, at the Ale House in Amesbury, so that should be fun. Maybe later we'll meet up with some friends for coffee or a drink in Newburyport, before we go home and watch the Pats game. A perfect Sunday!

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