Thursday, July 31, 2008

Booksigning in San Francisco

Having a great time at the is a picture taken at the booksigning...

I sat with a lovely lady named Emily Forbes from Australia, who writes medical romances. Her husband and two little boy stopped by and I asked them if they liked Vegemite. Her husband said he loved it, and promptly pulled out a tube of the stuff and started licking it adoringly. Here he is, displaying his manly appetite for Vegemite (eewww!).

And finally, here is a picture of me and my roomie, Cathryn. She and Nina were my groupies!

Brenda (my editor) came by to say hello and showed me a template for the new Blaze covers they'll be switching to in Jan 09. Very nice!! The new covers will feature the title and author's name at the top of the book, across a red banner, rather than being overlaid across the cover art. She also gave me a few tempting details about the cover for my Feb 09 release, Able-Bodied. She said the cover will feature the hero laying on a bed and all you'll see is part of his face, his bare chest and his military dog tags...sounds great to me.

Our conference drink this year is the Pomegranite Martini...delicious.

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