Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going to the Ball

So here it is, two days before I leave for the RWA conference in San Francisco, and I haven't even begun to think about packing. Okay, that's not entirely true. I'm thinking about it now, hence this post. My friend, Cathryn, is so organized. She has this great list of things to bring and has her outfits orchestrated for each day, each event. She has what she calls her conference clothes, and they are beautiful! For me, my conference clothes are the same clothes I wear to work, the same clothes I wear when I go out with friends, the same clothes I wear for everyday. How boring is that? I want conference clothes, too!

Last year, I decided to go with all travel knits; outfits that wouldn't crease or wrinkle no matter how I mashed them into my suitcase or balled them up in my carry-on. I buy 99.9% of my clothing from Coldwater Creek, and last year I was really into the travel knit dresses, paired with a knit cardigan. But the problem is that I'm only 5'4" tall, and the dresses all but dragged on the floor. Looking back at those photos, I looked frumpy and fat. Plus, I overpacked. I brought more clothes with me for that four-day conference than Ginger brought with her on that 3-hour cruise, and that's saying something!

So this year, I decided against the travel knit thing. I once overheard somebody say that when you get to the point in your life where you're wearing a) elastic-waist pants, or b) polyester knit clothes, it's time for a retirement home. Yikes! I'm officially an old person, according to my wardrobe! That needs to change. So this year, I've decided to go young(er). I'll bring capris and tank tops and sandals, and actually show a little skin. I bought some cute white capris, some comfie denim capris, two pairs of black cropped pants (no elastic waist) and a bunch of pretty tops. So I think I'm all set for what to wear for the booksigning, the workshops, and any sight-seeing we do.

My big dilemma is the Harlequin party. What will I wear? I have my reliable standby; a black, travel knit dress, LOL! It's sleeveless and long, and paired with the right jewelry, would be fine. But it wouldn't disguise my belly. Or my butt. I mean, look at these beautiful women who attended last year! I'll be a frump by comparison. Ugh. I hate this.

I have a chocolate velvet dress that I wore on the cruise this past winter, but...well, it's velvet. In August. In San Francisco. Besides, the trouble with both the chocolate dress and the black dress is that the neckline comes up so high. It makes the dress look damby. I want a cute little pink dress like the one this gal is wearing! Or a pretty black number that plunges in the front and scoops in the back and swirls at the knees, you know?
So for this year, I guess it's the black knit dress. But for next year, I'll be more prepared. I'll diet my butt off (literally) from January to June and in July I'll go shopping for something fabulous. year. That'll be the year when I'll go to the ball looking like this:


Jude said...

Hey Karen:

I hear San Fran is actually relatively cool in July (foggy, highs in the 60s), so maybe your chocolate velvet dress would work. It sounds beautiful.

Enjoy San Francisco!
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Karen Foley said...

Thanks, Jude! I'll take your advice and pack it, just in case!

Jude said...

Hey Karen:

FWIW, someone already in SF posted the ten-day forecast: