Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreaming of Ireland

I've been dreaming about a trip to Ireland for several years now, and this year it may finally become a reality...if the airfares come down just a bit! Right now, the roundtrip fare is running about $900 per person, which is a little steep considering there are five of us. I initially wanted to go at the end of August, but since my niece, Colleen, will back in school by that time (and we really want to bring her with us), we're now looking at going in June.
Just before the holidays, we watched the movie, Falling for a Dancer.

This a wonderful love story which takes place during WWII on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you go out and rent it. The movie stars Liam Cunningham and a young Colin Farrell, and both do a terrific job. The scenery in the film was so breathtaking, I knew we had to visit there.

So my itinerary has us flying into Shannon and renting a cottage on the peninsula for a week so that we can spend some time exploring the area, like the town of Dingle, below.

For the second week, we'll rent another cottage in County Cork...

...but for now I'll continue to plan our itinerary and watch the airfares.

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Hege said...

Sounds like a film I'd love too :)
I'd love to visit Ireland too, but travelig from north Norway is so expensive... It cost a fortune to fly to the south of Norway :( But someday!!