Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Countdown Begins

We're less than a week away from Florida launch-time; I ordered a pair of Hawaiian-print board shorts for each of us (long for me, to hide my butt and thighs) to wear with our bathing suits, and they finally came today. They're gorgeous, made of lightweight, beautiful fabrics and they're really well constructed. Check out their website at A little pricey, but good quality and terrific customer service. I've included a sample picture of the board shorts, above, but you need to check out the selection of fabrics to really get an appreciation for them. I couldn't decide which I liked best! Anyway, I couldn't wait to try mine on, but when I modeled them for my girls, all I got was this deer in the headlights look. Probably too petrified to tell me the truth, but unable to even lie through their teeth that I looked good in them. Totally discouraged. Why didn't I join Jenny Craig like four months ago?? I could be looking like Valerie Bertonelli right now, instead of Jabba the Hut! Even four weeks at the tanning salon won't be enough to fool people into thinking I'm healthy and robust, versus just plain fat.
Okay, self-flagellation done.

Anyway, I'm putting together a list of the things I still need to pick up:

  • Bathing suits -- We've all outgrown our old ones. The girls have gotten taller, I've just gotten wider. I'd been putting this off until the board shorts arrived so I could match the suits to the fabrics

  • Sandals -- Something comfortable and waterproof, and lime green would be nice

  • Gifts for Robin & Colleen (my sister and her 13-year old daughter)

  • Laptop bag -- I've been thinking about a floral bag from Vera Bradley, but wince at the thought of spending $80. Maybe my old black one will be fine.

  • Hairdresser appointments -- I can wait, but Caitlin tried to cut her own bangs and now she needs someone who actually knows what they're doing to clean up the mess...I mean, the rest.

Well, if I had the courage, I'd post a picture of me in the board shorts, but maybe I'll save that for the end of the vacation, when maybe (please, God) I'll have actually lost a few pounds!


Cathryn Parry said...

Karen, have a fabulous time on your cruise! I'll be checking in daily to read about your fun. (And 'Hi!' to Robin too!)

Big Daddy said...

If anyone deserves a vacation, it is you Karen. You have more balls in the air than a juggler. You are the cement that holds it all together for the Foley family. You will have an absolutely fabulous time in FL and on your cruise. Nothing to do but laze in the sun, drink exotic fruity concoctions and admire the handsome brownskinned waiters who will be waiting on you hand and foot.