Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fighting City Hall

Through some miracle, my husband and I managed to have a child who actually excels in school--even math! So when she came home with straight A's in her academic courses last quarter, we were naturally thrilled. All that changed when we learned she was not eligible for the High Honor Roll because she got a B in Phys Ed. That's gym class, folks. So I got on the horn to find out what was up, and was told that Phys Ed is considered a "major" class and anything less than an A in all classes (including--ahem--gym), means you don't qualify for High Honors. So, I'm standing there, scratching my head and thinking, "What the...?" Since when do academic courses take a backseat to gym class?? Since when does Advanced Mathematics compare to gym class?? I was completely baffled. Now I'm not saying my precious darling deserved an A in Phys Ed; I'm no dummy. I know my kid; in her mind, Instant Messaging is an athletic event. Nothing short of imminent pain and suffering could induce her to exert herself, physically. Still...it's gym class. In my day, this was a pass/fail course, not something that could potentially ruin your class standing, your GPA, and your eligibility for the High Honor Roll! So I put together a letter to the Superintendent and the School Committee, asking them to consider revising this policy so that it doesn't impact a student's academic standing. At the same time, I sent an email to the Phys Ed teacher, asking him to explain his grading plan. Let me just interject that this man is one of the nicest men I've ever met, and he was quite candid in telling me that while my child is bright, engaging, and a joy to know, she's also one of the laziest kids he's ever encountered. I know from the way these words resonate through me that they are true. So now I'm having second thoughts about pursuing this through the school system, because the last thing I want to do is to suggest that this man's class is somehow less important or vital than the academic classes (although I think it is). I don't want to imply that he is somehow less. Does that make sense?? But I know I will pursue it, because I think even he would agree that a B in gym class shouldn't be enough to tarnish an otherwise perfect records.

Oh, the stress...I'm getting a flare-up in my right shoulder. Probably the way Roger Clemons feels after pitching nine innings without the benefit of HGH. Excrutiating. I really need a vacation...

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Allie said...

I have to agree with you about this! Getting a B in gym shouldn't keep her off high honor roll. Obviously, they have changed the policies a lot since our days there. (Is handsome steve the gym teacher?)