Monday, February 11, 2008

My Bags are Packed...I'm Ready to Go...

But it seems Brenna and I are the only ones really ready to go! I dragged the suitcases out over the weekend and lined them up on the windowseat in the kitchen, with mine being the biggest (since I'll be gone a week longer) and the girls each getting a weekend case and a carry-on. Brenna and I have been dutifully making lists of the outfits we'll be bringing, as well as organizing our cosmetic bags and lining up our shoes, while the other two-who-shall-not-be-named look on with mild amusement. I've also been making lists of the miscellaneous things we'll need; camera, batteries, passport, itineraries, frequent flyer cards, hotel confirmations, etc. The only thing I haven't packed yet is my gorgeous evening wear, because I don't want to crush it, although I still need to shop for one of those Scarlet O'Hara stye corsets that will suck my waist and stomach in; ugh.

Meanwhile, work is piling up at the office while my only partner in crime had to take emergency leave due to a bum knee. She might be gone longer than me. I actually shouldn't even be going on vacation, that's how much stuff I have going on at the office.
So in between packing my suitcase and being a good doobie at the office, I've been frantically cleaning my house in preparation of my sister-in-law coming to stay for 10 days to take care of the pets. Hmm....I wonder if there's anything I should consider hiding from her...nah. My life isn't that exciting!

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